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The line for the production of forgings of shells includes an automatic blanking machine, a hydraulic press, rotary infrared revolver type heaters, reloading manipulators, and a thermal chamber. Productivity of the line 100-120 forgings of shells per shift, depending on the caliber of the shells.

1. High-speed hydraulic press

Designed for various work on the deformation of materials, including for hot stamping of metals.

The greatest working effort - 1450 tons;

Working stroke - 800 mm;

Speed ​​of the working course - 5 ... 600 mm;

The greatest effort of the return stroke - 120t;

Reverse speed - 30 ... 400 mm / s;

The greatest ejector force is 100t;

Ejector stroke - 580mm;

Ejector speed - 5 ... 300mm / s;

The greatest distance between the plates is 1600mm;

The size of the working area is 1400x1250 mm;

Total power:

electric motors - 109 kW;

Overall dimensions of a press:

from left - to the right (with hydroelectric station and platform) - 6100 mm
front - back - 2330 mm
height above floor level - 8200 mm
depth below floor level - 1300 mm
Mass - 41,000 tons (without hydro).

Control system: programmable controller with touch screen and manual control buttons. The controller allows you to save from 3 to 5 different programs of automatic and semi-automatic operation of the press, to diagnose the condition of the press and display the process of the press on the controller screen in real time.


2. Rotary infrared turret heater type


The device is characterized by minimal dimensions and heating in a protective gas environment.

The maximum mass of the workpiece is 85 kg.

The power of the installation is 800 kW.

Productivity (when heating a billet of carbon steel to 1200 ° weighing 30 kg) - 30 pcs. in hour.


3. Workpiece manipulator

The workpiece manipulator is designed to move workpieces into the working area of equipment (for example, a hot stamping press).

The largest mass of workpieces - 85 kg

Permissible workpiece temperature - 1200 °

Highest travel speeds - 500mm / s

The drive is pneumatic, pressure 4 ... 8 atm.

The number of degrees of mobility – 3