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Improvement of your city

Our company is also engaged in mass production and installation of public transport stops, according to European models for the device of your city. At the moment there are three types of approved sizes: 4m, 6m, 8m.

Racks are made of a pipe with a diameter of 114 mm, a thickness of 8 mm. The connecting flange of the mortgage is made of sheet metal with a diameter of 280 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. The connection of the pipe and the flange of the mortgage is reinforced by six gussets of sheet metal with a thickness of 8 mm.

The glass panels of our products are of M0 glass quality class. The back and side walls are made of glass panels with a thickness of 10 mm, which have the quality class M0, hardened in accordance with the technical requirements of DSTU B.V.2.7-110-2001 and have a quality certificate. The metal frame is covered with frosted glass panels 10 mm thick. It is possible to manufacture and install citylights for your needs.
Our production offers elements for the improvement of the city, parks, playgrounds and kindergartens. Our products are in great demand due to high quality workmanship.

The park bench is made of coniferous species of wood, as well as high-quality metal, which is sandblasted, sandy and powder coated after fabrication. The frame of the bench is made of galvanized profile pipes with a section of 40x20 mm and 20 × 20 mm. It is assembled with bolts and nuts (M6).

The lamp consists of a support and two lamps located on it. The support is fixed with the help of the fixing part, which is concreted into the ground. Electric current is supplied from the underground line laid under the soil surface.
The lantern body with lamps has a height of 3.5 m and increased strength and is well protected from external influences.
The lamp is park, LED, is covered with powder paint with a zinc coating with use of glass.

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